The "just nerf sotarks and buff everything else lol" joke got me thinking - what if we really nerf maps based only on the mapper that mapped them?

So I made this "rebalance" to see how leaderboard would look like.

Current weights are:

  • Sotarks, fieryrage, Nevo, Fatfan Kolek, Taeyang, Reform, A r M i N, Bibbity Bill, Log Off Now, Azunyan-, DendyHere - 0.7x
  • Seni, Monstrata, SnowNiNo_, Xexxar, Lami, Akitoshi, Doormat, Kencho - 0.85x
  • Nakagawa-Kanon - 2.00x (but only HDHR)
  • Everyone else - 1.05x
This is obviously a joke, if you want to see a real pp rework look here.

Try searching the leaderboard before adding someone to the calculation queue.

Estimated wait time is unknown.